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Win valuable referrals, polish your profile, and ace your interview. We'll work with you until you succeed.

We Serve Candidates Across All Industries & Functions In the U.S. and Canada.

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"Labtuit has a very standardized process that takes care of networking while giving you the time to prepare well for any upcoming interviews. It helped me refine my resume, connect with the right people, and strengthen my STAR stories in alignment with the role I was seeking that ultimately led me to land my dream job“

Shilpi Grover Amazon

We’re part of your team every step of the way
Our proprietary process helps you level up fast



Together we'll assess your experience, showcase your strengths and define what a fulfilling career means to you


You'll win valuable referrals through our proprietary process, which will get your resume moved to the top.


Our experts will optimize your resume, enhance your online presence and highlight your unique skillset.


Our mock interviews - technical, case, and everything in between - will help you nail your interviews. And we’ll help you negotiate competitive comp.

Why we founded Labtuit

Why we founded Labtuit
You want more, we get it.

Are you dreaming about an exciting new professional challenge or maybe you'd like to strike more of a work-life balance?
Perhaps you just want to secure a bigger paycheck?
Whatever it is you're aiming for we'll help you get there quickly. You can fast track your professional goal by leveraging a Labtuit advisor, so why wait?

Labtuit only works with job seekers based in the U.S. or Canada

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We’ve Got You

Whether you’re starting out or are a seasoned professional we help you 10x your job prospects and land your best job fast. We will get you to your goal faster because we understand the recruitment process inside and out. We partner with you to sign an offer you’re excited about.

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We’ve Got You
We’ve Got You

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How much will it cost me?

Labtuit pays for itself and our process is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.Go through the Labtuit process
2. Successfully land a new role
3. Pay 3% of your first-year base salary after you've accepted and started a new role. There is an upfront $199 fee deducted from the 3%.

Just starting out or don’t have much professional experience?
Don’t worry, we have flexible agreements to help jumpstart anyone’s career.

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So, what do you cover?

Our process covers all stages of recruiting.
From winning quality referrals,
acing your interview,
and negotiating a competitive package,
we help you with every aspect of your job search.
Our guarantee is simple,
we work with you until you succeed.

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We’ve Got You


"Working with Labtuit was a fabulous experience! The mock interview that Labtuit gave me helped me land the great position I am in now. They improved my resume and LinkedIn profile, and were invaluable as I prepared for my telephone and video interviews. I am very thankful for Labtuit’s support, which helped me land the exact role and industry I was pursuing!“

Mark Strug Alphia