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The goal is not to land a job, but to land the right job.

Don't pay a thing until you get hired.

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Our advisors have worked at top organizations 

You are more than your resume. Our PhD-led team holistically assesses your interests and experience.

Based on your profile, we align on your next career step and job search strategy.  

So you'll land the interviews you're excited about, we help you land referrals and  rewrite your resume to make it stand out. 

We prep you to nail your interviews. We give you mock interviews that cover the entire recruiting cycle - from phone screens to behavioral and role-related.


Labtuit is the most advanced career platform that integrates the latest technology with decades of human experience.


It helps seasoned and young professionals land the right job. Labtuit aspires to give to the 99% what the 1% has - top-notch career advising. 

Why we founded Labtuit

Do you hate going to work?


You are not alone. 70% of people in the U.S. dislike their job, according to a Gallup Poll.


People nowadays are successful in finding a job, but not the right job. More than 70% aren't satisfied with their career choices. Thus they under-perform and dislike going to work. This leads to a limited career, and has a negative impact financially and personally.


This is why Labtuit was founded. Labtuit is the most advanced career platform that integrates the latest technology with decades of human experience. Labtuit advises seasoned and young professionals on how to land the right job.  


We helped candidates get offers at exciting companies

I'm interested! How much will it cost me?

Labtuit is intended to be affordable by all - there is 0 upfront fees. Only after a candidate has secured a position, the candidate pays 2-3% of first-year base salary.


The premise is that Labtuit pays for itself - there are certain strategies and tactics that improve job prospects by over 4X. Labtuit promises a win-win - we founded Labtuit to improve the position you're offered, its fit and compensation. 

Great! So what do you cover?

The platform covers all stages of recruiting. This is because job candidates oftentimes either know the information but don’t know how to apply it, or they don’t know that they don’t know.


For example, job candidates know they should network, but don’t know how to maximize the referrals they’re getting relative to the time spent networking. 


We 100% guarantee that you'll get referrals and interviews. We'll work with you until you land an offer you want to sign. 


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"I always knew how important it was to network but was never actually taught how to network. My personal advisor helped me curate exactly what to say when reaching out via emails or LinkedIn to convert phone calls into referrals. I am definitely more confident about landing a job I'm passionate about with your help!"

— Amina B.

"This has kept me a lot more organized and motivated while going through the networking process. The process has been helpful in creating a good foundation to connect me with and gain referrals for job opportunities."

— Syed A.